Which Is Better Strategy Social Media Or SEO

Which Is Better Strategy Social Media Or SEO

Is social media or SEO the most effective method to boost your digital marketing? Are both tools necessary for online success is Social media the new SEO?

A lot of people Have this doubt about the role of social media and SEO in the digital marketing process.

They wonder which is healthier to use to get more online exposure especially once they have limited budgets for their online campaigns.

I have to admit that this is often a really good question and one that I spend tons of your time in the past finding the proper answer.

It is confusing because social media did change the way we do business on the web and naturally webmasters want to understand what’s the impact of social media on SEO and where to place your money and energy.

In short, you would like both and that I will explain below.

Before stepping in, let’s see very quickly what’s social media marketing and what’s SEO.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

This may be a surprise for a few but social networks aren’t used just for networking and talking together with your friends, for marketers and corporations they’re a really important selling tool.

What does social media marketing involve?

In short, SMM has got to do with building your brand reputation within the social networks by creating a gaggle of followers who have an interest and need to interact together with your brand.

To do that you simply got to identify your audience and check out to attach with them through a good design content marketing plan and social media campaign.

This involves posting content that’s relevant and interesting in your social media pages and also engaging together with your followers.

Does Social Media Marketing Works?

In the past, many marketers had doubts about the effectiveness of social media for selling but within the last few years, things have changed dramatically.

Recent studies show that customers who engage with a brand on social media are likely to form more purchases from the actual company.

They also show that quite 70% of consumers are more likely to form a sale after they saw a posting on social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization or SEO may be a process for optimizing an internet site for search engines.

By optimizing we mean making those configurations on the web site code, view, content settings and structure in order that search engines can ‘read’ (crawl) the web site easier.

The more they will understand a few websites, the greater are the probability of achieving better rankings.

Search engines use a variety of rules to make a decision on which websites to point out within the top positions and SEO is about satisfying those rules.

An SEO friendly website is additionally more user-friendly therefore the benefits from SEO transcend rankings.

SEO Works?

It certainly does. SEO can improve your program rankings and this suggests more traffic and sales since people using the Google search box are highly targeted.

They either have a drag and that they need an answer, or have an issue and searching for a solution.

Social Media is that the new SEO?

If you are doing an inquiry about Social media Vs SEO, you’ll see the sentence “social media is that the new SEO” tons.

What this phrase implies is that social media shares (likes, tweets, pins, LinkedIn shares, etc) have an immediate influence on rankings like SEO.

Is this true?

The answer is somewhere within the middle.

Social media isn’t the new SEO because SEO was and still is about optimizing your website and content for search engines and users. so as to realize good rankings within the future, you would like SEO.

Social media on the opposite hand is sort of a big survey where users can show their preference by ‘voting’ for various pages/websites by giving them alike, pin, or tweet.

So, someone should expect that what’s popular on social media should even be popular on search engines, but this is often not always the case.

Social signals alone, cannot influence rankings. Google has stated repeatedly that they don’t use social signals within the algorithm.

On the opposite hand, many studies showed that pages that had the best in social, rank high in Google search results.

If social signals don’t affect rankings, why can we need social and the way come popular posts in social station better in search engines than non-popular posts?

  • You need social because it’s another source of traffic and an excellent sales tool.
  • You need social shares because you would like to win the ‘social proof’ came.
  • You need social sharing because this suggests more people will see your content and this increases the likelihood of other webmasters naturally link thereto, which indirectly will boost your SEO.
  • In other words, social media indirectly helps SEO by generating more exposure for an internet page/site.

Conclusion(Social Media Or SEO):

Social Media And SEO

As stated within the beginning of this post, you would like both. It’s not the one or the opposite since both can help an internet site / online business get more traffic and under some conditions, make more sales.

SEO will confirm that your content is often read by search engines and social media will assist you to get your content ahead of more people faster.

The more people will see a page, the more are the probabilities of linking thereto, sharing to social media or engaging with the content.

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