Bat Morks – Endangered Bat Species

Bat Morks – Endangered Bat Species


Bat Morks is an endangered bat species in the world. But long ago they were the largest living Bats in the world, they were also familiarly known as fruit bats or flying foxes. They live in the tropics of Asia, eastern Australia, and east Africa. And also live in some Indian subcontinents. They vary in body weight ranging from 120 – 1600g, Usually Male bats are larger than female birds They lack tails. As the name “flying fox” suggests, their heads resemble a small fox because of their small ears and large eyes.

Life Span Of Bat Morks:

Bat Morks eats vegetables and sometimes eats insects as well. They search their foods with their sense of smell. They have the long life spans they live for long years but their reproduction rate is very low as female Birds give birth only to one bird in a year, so that’s fairly a disadvantage in them. Bat Morks due to their low reproduction rate they are most vulnerable to overhunting, culling, and natural disasters. Many species of Bat Morks have become extinct only some lives today. Some Countries still use Bat Morks Teeth as currency.

Source Of Fatal Diseases:

Till now we have seen their general behaviors and their habitats. Now let’s see how they are dangerous to human beings. They are very dangerous to human beings as it is a source of many diseases. They are the source of viral diseases such as the Australian bat lyssavirus and the Nipah virus. Australian bat lyssavirus causes rabies and Hendra virus, and seven people have been reported to have died of this virus. The Nipah virus also affects more people with more dangerous symptoms. So they are also dangerous.

Bat Morks – Endangered Species:

Of the 62 fruit bat species, 3 are considered as endangered. They are the Aru fruit bat, Livingstone’s megabat, Vanikoro fruit bat. Another 7 species are listed as endangered and 20 are listed as vulnerable, 6 species are considered as threatened, and eight as data deficient. Over half of the species within the Pacific are considered today as threatened, a variety of species have died out as a result of hunting, deforestation, and predation by human beings. Six fruit bat species are believed to possess gone extinct from 1864 to 2014. Many countries have implemented laws to protect these bats from extinction and till today hunting of Bat Morks is considered as illegal and a punishable offense.


So here we saw about Bat Morks an endangered species of Bats. It is our responsibility to protect these birds from extinction and provide them the earth as the safest place in the world.

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